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R and with the same dimensions of the According to a rigorous qualitative theory that has been developed in several papers to account for such observations, 18], 112] , 113], 114] the multiplicity of the complete solution set for the hydrodynamic problem in this case was at least 9, since necessarily there were 4 unstable, and therefore unobservable, flows complementing the N of 5 stable flows observed. ) For any η and Γ, the steady hydrodynamic problem is well known to have a unique solution, which is stable, if is sufficiently small.

Pike [10]. With the same apparatus as before, operated at high R, a crossed-beam laser rate-correlation method 118], [19] was used to record the fluctuating radial component of velocity at various longitudinal positions within the annulus. From the signals autocorrelation functions were obtained by the computer designed for this purpose at the RSRE, Malvern. Typically, a continuous record of the fluctuations was fed to the computer over a period of about an hour, during which the rotor speed Ω and the temperature· of the liquid were automatically held constant, and computed autocorrelation functions revealing considerable information about the observed flows were thus consistently derived.

H. and R. M. Clever, Instabilities of convection rolls in a fluid of moderate Prandtl number, j . Fluid Mech. jM_, 319 - 335, 1979. F. H. BUSSE 60 6. Busse, F. H. and K. E. Heikes, Convection in a rotating layer: A simple case of turbulence, Science 208, 173-175, 1980. 7. Busse, F. H. and J. A. Whitehead, Oscillatory and collective instabilités in large Prandtl number convection, J. Fluid Mech. <56, 6 7 - 7 9 , 1974. 8. Clever, R. M. and Busse, F. , Transition to time dependent convection, J. , 6j5, 625 - 645, 1974.

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