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By Elizabeth Allen

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A Fallen Idol continues to be a God elucidates the historic area of expertise and value of the seminal nineteenth-century Russian poet, playwright, and novelist Mikhail Iurevich Lermontov (1814-1841). It does so through demonstrating that Lermontov’s works illustrate the situation of dwelling in an epoch of transition. Lermontov’s specific epoch was once that of post-Romanticism, a time whilst the twilight of Romanticism used to be dimming however the sunrise of Realism had but to seem. via shut and comparative readings, the ebook explores the singular metaphysical, mental, moral, and aesthetic ambiguities and ambivalences that mark Lermontov’s works, and tellingly replicate the transition out of Romanticism and the character of post-Romanticism. total, the booklet unearths that, even if constrained to his transitional epoch, Lermontov didn't succumb to it; as an alternative, he probed its personality and evoked its old import. And the ebook concludes that Lermontov’s works have resonance for our transitional period within the early twenty-first century in addition.

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According to Durkheim, anomie, which literally means “lawlessness” (from the Greek a-, without, and nomos, law), signifies a lack of the norms and constraints that derive from the “regulative force” of society and lend purpose, direction, and meaning to the lives of individuals. ” During such “transitions,” society loses its “regulative force,” and so “the limits are unknown between the possible and the impossible, what is just and what is unjust, legitimate claims and hopes and those which are immoderate” (248, 252).

Earthly splendor vanished and with it my grief—my melancholy flowed over into a new unfathomable world,—you, ecstasy of night, slumber of heaven, came upon me—the countryside rose gently—over it floated my liberated spirit, reborn. . I saw the transfigured traits of my beloved. In her eyes was all eternity—I took her hand and my tears became a sparkling, indestructible link. Thousands of years receded into the distance. . —It was the first, the only dream—and only since then have I felt an eternal, im- romanticism and its twilight  mutable faith in the heaven of night and its light, my beloved.

It is obeyed not out of cowardice alone, but because on the other side all is  chapter one ­ ncertain, nothing decided, nothing ready—above all men are not ready. u On this other side, the unknown future looms up on a horizon wrapped in a cloud, a future that confounds all human logic. (130–31) Herzen cites the ancient Romans as representatives of such a period, and he sees himself and his generation in a similar state after the failed revolutions of 1848. ” So, he recalls later on, “life was going out like the last candles in windows before the dawn,” and as “the terrible progress of death” proceeded, “the vaster became the desert around us, the vaster grew our loneliness” (123, 135)—the loneliness of an existence seemingly headed nowhere, with nothing to believe in.

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