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By Steven Saylor

In the 12 months forty eight B.C., Rome is in the middle of Civil struggle. As Pompey and Caesar struggle for keep watch over of the Republic, Rome turns into a hotbed of intrigue, pushed by way of espionage, greed and betrayals.

A attractive younger seeress staggers around the Roman market and dies within the palms of Gordianus the Finder. almost certainly mad and claiming no reminiscence of her previous, Cassandra― like her Trojan namesake―was reputed to have the reward of prophecy, a present many in Rome might pay for handsomely...or inn to homicide.

Obsessed with Cassandra's secret, Gordianus investigates her homicide. As he peels away the veils of secrecy surrounding her existence and demise, he discovers an internet of conspiracy linking a lot of Rome's such a lot ruthless and robust girls. Now Gordianus's pursuit not just endangers his personal existence, yet may switch the way forward for Rome.

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As a boy he had received a fine Greek education at one of the renowned academies for which Massilia was famous. He could recite long passages from the Iliad and knew many of the Greek tragedies by heart. "Cassandra was the fairest daughter of King Priam and Queen He cuba," he said, "and she was the sister of Paris, the prince who started all the trouble by stealing Helen and carrying her back to Troy. Cassandra could foretell the future. " asked Diana. "I should think that knowing the future would be rather useful.

But not a single visitor came to view Cassandra's body. Not even one of those compulsive gossips came to pester us, the type who make the rounds of the city looking for wreaths and knocking on doors of people they've never met, just to have a look at the latest corpse so they can deliver an opinion on the embalmers' handiwork. I alone mourned Cassandra. Perhaps, I thought, death and funerals had become too commonplace in Rome for the passing of a single woman of unknown family, commonly thought to be as mad as-well, as mad as Cassandra-to excite any interest.

In the next litter I saw Antonia, the cousin and wife of Marc Antony, Caesar's right-hand man. While Caesar had been off fighting his enemies in Spain, Antony had been left in charge of Italy. Now both men had departed for northern Greece to do battle with Pompey. Antonia was said to be a very attractive woman. I had never formally met her and might not have recognized her except for the bronze lions' heads that surmounted the upright supports at each corner of her litter. The lion's head was Antony's symbol.

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