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By M. M. Novak (auth.)

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4 where G is the angle measured in the anticlockwise direction. Note that in this form the above equations describe rotation with respect to the origin of the coordinate system. If rotation is through a full circle (360") then the transformed image coincides with the original. Concatenation The transformations described so far are rather simple and their usefulness is somewhat restricted. The main limitation stems from the fact that these transformations (as presented) are valid only with respect to the origin.

The relevant procedure is now quite simple. After choosing the position where a character is to appear, its bit pattern is copied from the character memory into the bytes beginning at the chosen position. As any address can be selected within the display file, the character can appear anywhere on the screen. 10 displays the enlarged 'GRAPHICS' in the 12th row. JQJ 100 110 120 130 140 REM LARGE CHARACTERS COLOR 1,8: GRAPHIC 1,1 BA=8192: R0=12: C0=14 BY=BA+R0*320+C0*8: TS="GRAPHICS" FOR I=1 TO LEN(T$): P=ASC(MIDS(TS,I,1)): IF P>63 THEN P=P-64 150 AD=P•8+53248: BANK 14 160 FOR K=BY TO BY+7 STEP 2: ZZ=PEEK(AD+KK): POKE K,ZZ 170 POKE K+1,ZZ: KK=KK+1: NEXT 180 FOR K=BY+320 TO BY+7+320 STEP 2: ZZ=PEEK(AD+KK) 190 POKE K,ZZ: POKE K+1,ZZ: KK=KK+1: NEXT: BY=BY+8: KK=0: NEXT 200 BANK 15 The string T$ holds the characters that are to be displayed on the screen.

Note that the angle is positive when measured in the anticlockwise direction; negative when measured clockwise. We have already encountered curves expressed in polar coordinates. The simplest one was that of a circle drawn by the angular method. There, R was the radius of a circle and A the angle. Far more intricate curves can be created using the polar system. 9. 10. 9 Line plotting or point plotting? All the simple programs in this chapter created a screen display by working out the coordinates of each and every point.

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