Advances in Image And Video Segmentation by Yu-jin Zhang PDF

By Yu-jin Zhang

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Photograph and video segmentation is without doubt one of the most crucial projects of photo and video research: extracting details from a picture or a series of pictures. within the final forty years, this box has skilled major development and improvement, and has led to a digital explosion of released details. Advances in picture and Video Segmentation brings jointly the most recent effects from researchers all in favour of cutting-edge paintings in picture and video segmentation, offering a set of recent works made through greater than 50 specialists worldwide.

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International Journal of Image and Graphics, 2(3), 441-452. Zhang, Y. J. (2005). New advancements in image segmentation for CBIR. In M. ), Encyclopedia of information science and technology (Vol. 4, pp. 21052109. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Reference. Zhang, Y. J. (2006). A study of image engineering. In M. ) [online]. Zhang, Y. , & Gerbrands, J. J. (1994). Objective and quantitative segmentation evaluation and comparison. Signal Processing, 39(3), 43-54. Zhang, Y. , Gerbrands, J. , & Back, E. (1990).

000 steps (center). 000 steps (right). 05 step Source: copyright IEEE 2004 Figure 4. Jump-diffusion algorithm for region segmentation (1D problem). The variable “jump” registers the occurrence of a jumping event which follows a Poisson distribution (Equation 26). JUPM-DIFFUSION ALGORITHM: MCMCII-III INITIALIZE W randomly, temperature T ← T0 , t = 0 ; WHILE ( T > TFINAL ) OR (convergence) WHILE NOT (jump) Diffusion for all change points xi : Eq. (25) dxi (t ) 1 = [( I ( xi ) − I 0 ( xi ; l i +1 ,θi +1 ))2 − ( I ( xi ) − I 0 ( xi ; l i ,θi )) 2 ] + 2T N (0,1) dt 2σ 2 Update W with new change points.

As in Equation 2, the unknown world state (hidden variables) is given by: Copyright © 2006, Idea Group Inc. Copying or distributing in print or electronic forms without written permission of Idea Group Inc. is prohibited. , K }) In this 1D case, the individual likelihoods for each region Ii(x) are assumed to decay exponentially with the squared error between the fragment of the observed signal corresponding to each interval and the hypothesized original signal for such interval, given the parameters of the model used to build the hypothesis:  1 P ( I i | Θ i , l i ) = exp − 2  2σ ∫ xi xi −1  ( I ( x) − I 0 ( x; Θ i , l i )) 2 dx   (7) On the other hand, the prior P(W) is given by penalizing the number of regions and the number of parameters: P( K ) ∝ e − λ0 K and P(Θ i , l i ) ∝ e − λ1 Θi (8) and also assuming that both models are equally likely a priori, that is, P(l i ) is uniform in Equation 4.

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