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By Agustín Carlevaro

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For starters: note note d p :: Dur → a → Music a = Prim (Note d p) rest rest d :: Dur → Music a = Prim (Rest d) tempo tempo r m :: Dur → Music a → Music a = Modify (Tempo r ) m transpose transpose i m :: AbsPitch → Music a → Music a = Modify (Transpose i) m instrument :: InstrumentName → Music a → Music a instrument i m = Modify (Instrument i ) m phrase phrase pa m :: [PhraseAttribute ] → Music a → Music a = Modify (Phrase pa) m player :: PlayerName → Music a → Music a CHAPTER 2. 1: General MIDI Instrument Names CHAPTER 2.

Define a new algebraic data type called BluesPitchClass that captures this scale (for example, you may wish to use the constructor names Ro, MT , Fo, Fi , and MS ). 2. Define a type synonym BluesPitch, akin to Pitch. 3. 2, that make it easy to construct notes of type Music BluesPitch. CHAPTER 2. SIMPLE MUSIC 41 4. In order to play a value of type Music BluesPitch using MIDI, it will have to be converted into a Music Pitch value. Define a function fromBlues :: Music BluesPitch → Music Pitch to do this, using the “approximate” translation described at the beginning of this exercise.

It is also often called an inductive data type, since it is, in essence, an inductive definition of an infinite number of values, each of which can be arbitrarily complex. It is convenient to represent these musical ideas as a recursive datatype because it allows us to not only construct musical values, but also take them apart, analyze their structure, print them in a structure-preserving way, transform them, interpret them for performance purposes, and so on. Many examples of these kinds of processes will be seen in this textbook.

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