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By William W. Johnstone

ISBN-10: 0786025743

ISBN-13: 9780786025749

Smoke Jensen by no means desired to kill, yet destiny had different plans, and the Mountain guy has left lots of blood, tears, and fury in his wake. Angus MacDougal, the daddy of 1 of Smoke's sufferers, desires revenge. driving as much as titanic Rock, Colorado, MacDougal has made up our minds that killing Smoke will not be adequate. He intends to carry him again to Pueblo and grasp him sooner than a crowd. it is a bloodthirsty plan that may have labored, with the exception of a stunning younger lady, and the small knife she slips into Smoke's hand. abruptly Smoke is at the run within the Colorado barren region without gun, no offers, and twenty armed males in pursuit. as soon as, a guy named Preacher taught Smoke find out how to live to tell the tale during this wasteland. Now, as a brutal wintry weather bears down, the Mountain guy will use these classes good - not just to struggle his approach out alive, but additionally for vengeance of his own...

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Tell me about your husband, Sally,” Sarah said, leaning back in her chair a bit so she wouldn’t seem too anxious. ” Sally laughed. ” It was him. She was married to a monster. Sally’s eyes became distant as she thought back to what Smoke had told her of his early days in the wild West . . Sarah stared at Sally, who seemed lost in a pleasant memory for the moment. This wasn’t what she’d expected. Most gunmen, at least all that she’d been acquainted with or told about, didn’t have wives. They were for the most part a sorry lot of drunkards and malcontents who drifted from one place to another, selling their guns and their willingness to kill without reason to the highest bidder.

Uh . . ” Smoke shook his head, pointing to the corner of the car where a coffeepot was steaming on a fat-bellied stove. “Why don’t you have a cup of coffee to fill your gut until the train leaves the station? ” Pearlie asked, as if he’d been offered something horrible to eat. Louis looked up from where he stood at the bar. ” Pearlie grinned halfheartedly and moved toward the potbellied stove. “Well, now,” he said amiably. ” “Coffee does sound good,” Cal said, getting up from his perch on the couch.

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